Hi everyone,

First of all thank you for your interest and support you gave me so far. I just finished the new version my Tiler extension for Photoshop and I’m excited to share the latest updates of what it can do:

– Tile texture fast and easy across entire document or just within a selection.

– Create brick walls, wooden floors, ceramic tiles, pavement, etc (using the new “Grid” tiling method).

– Add more variation to your textures by randomizing hue, saturation and lightness.

– Create seamless textures from almost any image (flatten uneven lighting, remove seams).

– Remove visible patterns that sometimes occur when tiling seamless textures.

– Getting the worn out look using the new “Torn Edges” feature.

– Further improved the performance to enable you to work faster.

And here is the longer version for those really interested and have more time to watch: https://youtu.be/TCdzxAjq-fg

Stay safe and be well,


Hi guys,

New update for Tiler is out! In this update I included:

– Added a new feature called “Tiling Method”. Now you can choose from two methods for tiling a texture: Tiler and Pattern Fill.

Tiler produces better overall quality and Pattern Fill is faster in some situations.