Glow & Glare is a Photoshop extension for adding Glow & Glare effects to the picture in a non-destructive way.

  • Add Glow & Glare effect to the picture in a non-destructive way
  • Each effect is saved to a separate layer so it can be turned off or on
  • Very flexible as the effect can be easily manipulated after the creation
  • Adjust the amount, size and color of the effect
  • Pick from 18 different Glare shapes
  • Get the look you want faster with auto-update feature
  • All settings are kept in the current Photoshop session

Panel UI Controls

  • Color (both Glow and Glare): the color wheel that adds color for both Glow and Glare. This can be changed even without a UI. After the creation of the effect it is stored inside a layer style.
  • Threshold (Glow): (min. 1 – max. 255) controls the amount of glow. Lower value creates more glow on the picture.
  • Blur (Glow): (min. 1 – max. 100) softens the glow effect.The higher the value the softer the glow.
  • Glare shape (Glare): you can pick from 18 different glare shapes to get a desired look.
  • Sample size (Glare): (min. 1% – max. 100%) the accuracry of Glare. The lower the value the higher the accuracy, but it affects the creation time (makes it longer).
  • Threshold (Glare): (min. 1 – max. 255) controls the amount of glare. Lower value creates more glare on the picture.
  • Glare size (Glare): (min. 1 – max. 1000) the size of the glare.
  • Auto-update (both Glow and Glare): both effects have automatic update feature built-in for more convenient workflow.

Glow & Glare UI